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Do you have excess/unwanted products, inventory, equipment and company assets?

Our reverse logistics service helps you recapture value as we help you turn them to revenue or if they are not financially viable, we help you dispose them off responsibly. We have a full operational system that takes this big responsibility off your hands, and we partner with you to ensure that we acquire the biggest possible value to you at the least possible cost. This way, you can focus on your business while we help you manage the extraneous business process. Our process is seamless and we handle all operational logistics and planning

Our reverse logistics services include:

  1. Sale of excess and unwanted products, inventory and assets
  2. Disposal of excess and unwanted products, inventory and corporate assets
  3. Sale and/or disposal of corporate assets - equipment/machineries/furniture etc
  4. Bankruptcy sales & disposal of corporate assets
  5. Product/inventory return logistics
  6. Recycling and reuse of products, inventory and corporate assets
  7. Refurbishing and repurposing of products, inventory and corporate assets
  8. Merchandise returns management
  9. Third-party logistics
  10. Return and/or sales of unsold goods


We will be happy to hear from you. Please send a message to xavier@axheadglobal.com or complete our contact form. We will respond within 1 business day to discuss our reverse logistic service with you.