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We have 5 value factors that define us, differentiate us and drive us. These factors are beneficial to your business and they guide our business delivery processes and principles.


  1. COST: We provide our service at a reasonable and affordable cost to our clients. Our objective is to help our client solve a problem at the least possible cost. We pride ourselves in being economical affordable to our clients despite our cutting edge service orientation, processes and technology. With our product sourcing or disposal services, we consider all options and ensure that the least viable and economical feasible option is available
  2. REVENUE: When we sell your excess and/or unwanted product, inventory and corporate assets; or during a difficult time of corporate bankruptcy, we ensure we get you the most bang for the buck. We work hard to ensure we help make the most money for our clients from the sale. We explore all options and deliver the best 
  3. EXPERIENCE: Our experience, skills, knowledge, ability and industry contacts are brought to bear in our service to clients. The ability to deliver value and exceed our clients's expectation is driven by our experience and industry knowledge. We enhance this experience as we grow and we refine and learn from it daily.
  4. PERSONAL TOUCH: We defined our business processes, systems and technology to be flexible and adaptable to delivery seamless services that exceed our clients expectation. Our key approach is a personal touch with a professional orientation that drives our ability to work closely with our clients and handle each mandate with passion. We recognize from experience that each client mandate is unique and needs personalization. 
  5. PASSION FOR PERFORMANCE: We are driven by a passion to perform beyond our client's business expectation. We set targets well beyond our client's target and this helps us to remain a service provider of value to our clients. We pride ourselves as an organization with a record of exceeding client's expectations